「The Current Model Skyline Gets a Shot of Excitement!」The Full Aero Kit that Debuted at Auto Salon is Finally On Sale!

Published : 2020/05/29 17:12 Modified : 2020/05/29 17:12

Blitz Full Aero for V37 and 400R is Now Available


The front is a fully remodeled bumper shape


Blitz’s full aero parts package for the current Skyline (late-model V37 and 400R) was finally made available after attracting a lot of attention at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020.



The front is not just a lip, but a full redesigned front bumper shape (120,000yen) that completely re-envisions the car’s image. By utilizing this reshaping, the grille shape is optimized. This improves both visual presence and aerodynamic performance.



At the rear, an under diffuser piece is introduced (80,000yen) to enhance the sporty impression. This is another effective item in enhancing the visual presence beyond the genuine factory bumper.


To install the Blitz rear diffuser, it is necessary to modify the genuine factory bumper and upgrade to the NUR-SPEC custom muffler.



The 3D-molded side skirts (90,000yen) and understated trunk spoiler (60,000yen) can be installed on both the early and late model. Both are good accent pieces to give a grown-up yet aggressive look to the car.



Blitz’s aero parts package give an elegant grown-up edge over the base model’s body lines. It takes the refined touch of a manufacturer like Blitz to produce such an athletic image.


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