「My Daddy’s Bad-to-the-Bone Works Spec Hakosuka」With a Child Seat Bolted in the Passenger Side?!

Published : 2020/05/30 22:41 Modified : 2020/05/30 22:41

Neo-works style combining an old car spirit with modern tuning parts and know-how


The engine is a modified 3.0L L28 cranking out 300 horsepower!


Prince Motors rolled out the first Skyline in 1957. The C10 series seen here is the third generation of that marque. Nicknamed as Hakosuka because of its boxy shape, it was first launched in 1968 as the first model change after mergining with Nissan.


Of course the grandfather of all Skylines is the PGC10 GT-R that appeared in 1969. It can be said that car laid the roots for all future Skylines. On the other hand, the GT series equipped with an L-type engine was popular for use in street tuning as well as a base model for drag racing.



The Hakosuka featured here is based on a GTX model that was added as a minor change in 1971. In addition to the improved engine performance was a shorter wheelbase than the 4-door model and was given luxury equipment such as power windows and intermittent wipers.



“This car was owned by a young man in his 30s for many years who brought it to my tuning shop Star Road. It was made in Star Road’s image with the owners wishes taken into consideration. Due to budget constraints, most of the tuning work was focused on the body and exterior” says Star Road representative Mr. Inoue.



The engine is an attractive modified 3.0L L28. It was armed with 89φ forged pistons, I-section connecting rods and balanced L28 crank. The head also has a 77.5 degree high cam, big valve (IN 45mm EX 36.5mm) and reinforced valve spring.



The carburator is equipped with a Solex 44φ. Beautiful curl funnels stand out in the engine bay.



The exhaust system combines Kameari Works headers and a one-off original exhaust based on a Trust model.



The suspension is a Star Road fully adjustable coilover setup. By adjusting the rear free adjustment arm with 30 steps of damping force, ride quality is enhanced and a wide range of settings are possible.



A new black color of Star Road’s own Glow Star wheel has a deep rim setting of -15 at the front and -78 at the rear. Front tires are Proxxes (225/45-15) and rear are Maxxis Victra (245/40-15). Front brakes are strengthened with 4-pot calipers to improve performance.



The car is equipped with Star Road’s new semi-wide overfenders which have a strong unity with the body and accent its already beautiful lines. The front spoiler has a canard integrated design that gives it a wide feel. The oil cooler bracket is also a new item.



A streamlined carbon door mirror is yet another accent part by Star Road. The deep green color is said to be painted in the image of an Aston Martin.



The interior has a beautiful finish. The low-back seat and small diameter steering wheel were selected according to the owner’s preference.



The car is equipped with a child-only passenger seat. Moreover, there was a one-off original fixed base made that is mounted on the seat rail to affix this seat properly.



Mr. Iida who was in charge of the test drive impression said, “This car is super comfortable but very fun. You can enjoy the advantages of a lightweight tuning car. The engine and suspension are sharp and perform better than initially expected.”



The production concept of “works style that suits city driving” shows through. The tuning work has a modern taste that is balanced with the spirit of the past. This is the power of Star Road tuning.


●Special Thanks:Star Road  8-23-1 Kita-Koiwa, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo Prefecture TEL:03-5668-5675


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