「User Data Made this “Reiwa-spec” FD3S!」Mastering of “Boost-Up”!

Published : 2020/05/30 21:48 Modified : 2020/05/30 21:48

Tuning technique proposed by a long-established rotary company that uses the genuine factory turbo


A full tune centered on twin turbo setup


This FD3S is a street specification designed by long-established tuners Panspeed. The point of interest here is that tuning is carried out using the genuine factory turbo. This tuned machine aims to be the benchmark of street tuners of the current era.



The 13B-REW engine was refreshed by a precision overhaul. Ports are still normal, but an original three-part apex seal is used to enhance boost resistance. Of course, this is not anything out of the ordinary for Panspeed, but rather a standard step in their overhaul process.



The genuine factory turbo does not support torque fluctuation that occurs when the sequential control is switched and always makes use of a twin turbo. By making use of engine management via an F-CON V Pro, the boost up spec results in 360ps (boost 0.9kg) with full torque all the way through.



The cooling tuning is more than adequate. Intake temperature of rotary engines are severe, so a 3-layer Blitz intercooler and DRL 3-layer aluminum radiator are v-mounted. Oil cooler is upgraded to an HPI 19-stage unit to allow more room.



The suspension is a Sachs (FR 16kg/mm) coilover setup. All arms are genuine factory except for the toe converter but all bushings are upgraded to urethane.


Pillowball joints reduce vibration so ride is more comfortable. There is less roll than with rubber bushings so a solid grounded feel is created in all situations. The LSD is a carbon two way by ATS.



The exterior aero parts are all Panspeed originals. Front and rear fenders add 10mm of width on each side. Tires are Direzza Beta 02 in 255/40-17 front and rear.



Although BRIDE bucket seats and additinal gauges are installed, the interior is otherwise normal street specification. All driver comforts including air conditioning are intact.



This Panspeed FD is an all-arounder that can be city driven but still stretch its legs on winding mountain passes and even attack a circuit. It is a tuning program with a sense of stability that can only come from such a long-established rotary specialist shop.


●Special Thanks:Panspeed  2-7-8 Sekiyama, Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture TEL:048-764-2040


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