「Behind the Scenes at Drift Academy!」Playback of the All-Japan Drift Student Championship【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/05/31 09:38 Modified : 2020/05/31 09:38

The final match of the all-japan student drift championship from Drift Tengoku Vol.85 ①


●Student’s drift cars should all be beaters, but…



The All-Japan Student Drift Championship is a kind of academy for youngsters who want to get into drifting. While there are indeed many participants driving worn-out and beat up cars they purchased by working part time jobs, there is also a celebrity figure who turns up in a Rocket Bunny Toyota 86.


●This is a battle to control the stage of drifting youth!



Check the video coverage of the one and only “Drift Koshien Academy”. The battle between nearly 200 student drivers heats up over time. Watch closely the power and skill of these young drifters!