「Which is the Best Levin & Trueno From the Past?!」Dai and Drift King Street Impressions【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/06/01 17:37 Modified : 2020/06/01 17:37

“Cool Car Heaven”s GOGO Daijiro Test Drives Old-School Levins and Truenos


●The guest this time is Keiichi Tsuchiya



Daijiro Inada’s special V-OPT series “Cool Car Heaven” is back with another episode. This time, Drift King and AE86 expert Keiichi Tsuchiya joins him in test driving various Levin and Trueno models. The two of them trade impressions over various generations from the first TE27 to the AE111.


●”Dai-chan” enjoys the carburated sound 



Dai and Tsuchiya enjoy the aggressive carburated sound of the 2T-G. They were instructed by V-OPT staff to hammer the pedal but a speed trap was ahead…     Watch what happens in the full clip on YouTube!