「A Wild Combination of Successive Model Silvias!」An S14 with a 180SX Front End and S15 Interior!

2020/06/01 11:44

It was made in the image of an early 2000s D1 car


A totally one-off original car based on various Silvias


The owner of this Silvia jammed all his aspirations into this one car. Perhaps most surprising is that it was all done DIY. Taking inspiration from early 2000s D1 machines, the most noticeable feature is the 180SX face swap.



Although the SR20DET is normal spec, the owner added on an HKS GT-SS turbo which produces 320ps at 1.3kg boost. That said, there is no dissatisfaction with the current power characteristics, but the owner thinks it is necessary to further increase output if he continues to develop it as a competitive drift car.



The owner was very particular about the suspension. He raised the members for clearance and set the suspension so that no problems arise from running at a very low height.


Wheels are super deep Work Meister M1. The wide fender kit is produced by Origin and accomodate 9.5J widths at the front and 11.5J at the rear.



The brakes come from an ER34 Skyline which can be fitted with a larger rotor than that of the Silvia. Eventually the owner would like to install a hydraulic e-brake.



The dashboard is a full transplant from an S15 Silvia. The door panel that interfered with the dash transplant was replaced with an FRP panel and built to accomodate perfect fitment.



This combination of S14, 180SX and S15 are seamless enough to make even serious drift car fans do a double take. Although entirely DIY it has the quality of a shop-produced demo car. We are definitely impressed by this owner’s take on an eye catching drift car.