「No Rules! Its a Crash-fest!」The Legendary First Round of Car Soccer 【V-OPT】

2020/06/02 18:50

Car Soccer Round 1! The first half is full of crashes!



“Car Soccer” has been a tradition as a legendary project among enthusiasts for years on V-OPT. This is a race to chase around a huge soccer ball with a car trying to score a goal. Needless to say, you can’t see in front of you at all when pushing the ball around. Therefore, its a super dangerous battle with a lot of frontal collisions.



This is a match between Smokey Nagata’s “FC Vicious Tuner” vs. Nomuken’s “Runaway Drifter FC” clubs. Rules went out the window from the start and things got wild. Is it possible to complete the first half without major incident?! Watch and find out!