「Is the Skyline 400R Really That Fast?!」Driver Akira Iida Takes to a Banked Course in a Famed Shop’s Demo Car [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/06/06 23:09 Modified : 2020/06/06 23:09

【New Model】SKYLINE400R 0-1000m Max Speed Test



The time has come to test the true power of the tuned 400R at a high-speed test course. Two famous companies Phoenix’s Power and Esprit challenge the max speed trial this time. Both of them are talented and respected tuning shops in Japan.



This is definitely the world’s first attempt at a max speed challenge in the new 400R. Nevertheless, skilled driver puts the pedal to the floor without hesitation. What is the real potential of Nissan’s tuned state of the art sports sedan?!