「Mad Mike」The World Famous Drift King Partnered with Toyo Tire【PR】

Published : 2020/06/06 22:18 Modified : 2020/06/06 22:18

The man with a smiling face who loves Mazda and rotary engines


Aiming for the top of Formula D Japan 2020 with Proxes R1R as a weapon


Tremendous charisma, technical ability and sheer driving talent. In every world, there are stars with unsurpassed natural born talent. In the competition drift world, that star is Michael Whiddet otherwise known as “Mad Mike” on a global scale.


Mad Mike’s RX7 (Photo by Airjek)


The world first learned his name on the stage of the D1 Grand Prix World All-Star event held at California’s Irwindale Speedway in 2007.



Although top results could not be achieved that time, fans of all ages and backgrounds were impressed with the appearance of an RX7 that drifted with great presence and had a screaming rotary sound. It was from this moment that a young talented New Zealander first gained recognition as a developing drifter who could compete on a world scale.


For a young star, this international event was his launchpad to breakthrough into stardom on the world stage.


Series Champion of the 2018 Formula D Japan (Photo by Red Bull)


Since, he has been active in world motorsports events including England’s “Goodwood Festival of Speed”. In Formula D he steadily gained sucess, eventually being crowned Series Champion in the 2018 Japan series.



Now a household name, he has reached fame as a drifter and signed sponsorships with Mazda, Redbull and other global companies.


In January 2020, he joined Toyo Tires as a brand ambassador in order to promote the company globally with focus on their Proxes lineup in the Japan and Oceania markets.


Mike produced a Huracan based drift car cooperating with Lamborghini. It was unveiled on the stage of the Goodwood Festival and took the motorsports world by storm. Tires are of course, TOYO.


With the cooperation of Lamborghini, he unveiled a super drift car based on the 2019 Huracan.



One of his major driving forces is a deep love of Mazda. From his years of practicing drifting on gravel roads in New Zealand, his car was always equipped with a rotary engine.


The new version of Mad Mike’s RX7 with an RX3 face. (Photo by Graeme Murray)


The current main car is an NA 4-rotor RX7 called MADBUL. The front face is a homage to the RX3, but car’s concept actually drew inspiration from the “Charge” 787B which won Le Mans.


4-rotor Turbo ND5RC Roadster (Photo by Ray Clarke)


In addition to this car, he also has multiple other machines in his arcenal. This includes a 4-rotor turbo roadster drift car with 1200hp and a 20B powered RX-8. The tires that back up such performance all come from TOYO.


The PROXES lettering is set on the high-grip R1R tire


In the PROXES series, it is the R888R that is used for time attack as well as the competition drift scene. Its high performance potential was proven at the D1 Grand Prix. The top-class tire has intense dry grip ability and rigidity.


Because its grip is extremely high, it will be subject to performance adjustments in Formula D Japan (a regulation in which the organizer specifies the tires used by particular manufacturer) and Mad Mike plans to compete using the PROXES R1R.


Mad Mike became Toyo Tires brand ambassador from January 2020.


Mad Mike appeared as a surprise guest at the press conference of TOYO TIRES at their booth in Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, barking “PROXES Ichiban!” in Japanese to the crowd. He touted the tires great grip and control during competition use.


(Photo by Airjek)


Mad Mike has announced his participation in the Formula D 2020 Japan Series for the first time in three years. Fans can see him attack the course this year in Japan.


【Sponsored by TOYO TIRES】