「A Successor to the Legendary Under Suzuki?!」A Young Attacker Runs Tsukuba in a 750hp S15 Silvia

2020/06/07 21:12

A 27-year-old time attacker who looks to Under Suzuki as his mentor!


A fresh driver pushes forward in his S15 to be the fastest around Tsukuba


A new generation has risen to attack Tsukuba circuit. Young talents are beginning to shine. Among them, 27-year-old Yuki Watanabe looks to be one of the most promising drivers.



Following in the footsteps of his car-loving father, Watanabe starting racing karts in 5th grade of elementary school. As a junior high school student he participated in the All Japan Championship. He bought an S15 before getting an ordinary license (at 17) and got a lot of time behind the wheel at circuits, in both grip and drift.


At the age of 21, he bought another S15 and began building it for full-scale Tsukuba time attack.


The Under Suzuki S15 running at WTAC


However, he felt a limit just blindly tuning. He then joined the Under Suzuki team as a crew member. For those unfamiliar, this team has reigned as the fastest to lap Tsukuba again and again. As a crew member, Watanabe continued to make efforts to study driving technique and tuning pointers, including attending WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) with the team in Australia.



The young warrior’s machine is powered by a modified 2.2L SR20 with a VE head. It is highly tuned and makes use of a Garrett GTX3582R turbo pushing 750ps. The oil supply system has been changed from a wet sump to dry sump. The cooling system adopts a V-mount type. Each part incorporated is at a first class level.



Suspension is based on DG5 coilovers. Brakes are strengthened with Endless monoblock calipers.



The rear suspension member which takes a lot of load is based on genuine factory but throroughly reinforced with reference to past Under Suzuki ones. Tires are Advan A050 with 295/35R18 both front and rear. Tire compound is GS.



The transmission is equipped with a Holinger 6-speed sequential. It is said this was a hand-me-down from Under Suzuki himself.



The car is still in the setup stages, but it has already surpassed the one-minute barrier (59.229 seconds) at Tsukuba. It may not be long at all until the young Watanabe puts himself among the fastest to lap Tsukuba.