「Never Mind the GR Supra!」This High Torque Spec JZA80 is Amazing!

2020/06/09 21:52

Power comes from a modified 3.1L sports injected 2JZ!


High response characteristics from a 6-throttle and small turbo


This amazing JZA80 Supra was produced by the prestigious “Material Auto Factory”. It was built under the concept of “how to bring out high power using a small diameter turbo”.



The engine is a modified 3.1L 2JZ that combines HKS 87φ forged pistons and an H-section Carillo connecting rod. There is modification of the combustion chamber and port polishing.



To improve engine response, the throttle was diverted to a geniune factory AE101 1.5 type.



A Garrett GTX3582R turbo contributes to produce 680ps/78kgm. The combination of the small-diameter turbo with excellent boost response and a bored-up 2JZ allows it to spin up to high revs without stress and with an ultra-wide power band.



The suspension is set up with Spirit coilovers and Eibach springs. Spring rate is 20kg/mm at the front and 16kg/mm at the rear. Adjustable arms help expand the range of alignment.


The front brakes are equipped with Brembo 6-pot calipers and 380mm rotors. Trust calipers and 355mm rotors are in the rear. Wheels are Volk Racing TE37SL (F9.5J+15 R10.5J+15). Tires are Advan A050 (295/35R18).



Aside from the Cusco 10-point roll cage, it is basically street spec on the interior with all driver comforts left intact. The clutch is an HKS twin plate type.



The car sports a widebody kit and rear wing by Tamon Design. The muffler is hidden from view at the owners request, but it is an ultra-lightweight titanium product.



Mr. Akira Iida, who test drove this Supra and gave us his impression and praised it. He says “It has a quickness that makes you forget the heavy body of the JZA80. The response is impressive. Its surprisingly easy to drive.”


What we have here is a car that will allow you to compete with nearly any other sports model while still maintaining comfort and street legality. In 2019, Supra passed the baton to the new GR model, but it is cars like this one that prove the brightness of the JZA80 will never fade.


●Special Thanks:Material Auto Factory 3-3-11 Oyamagaoka, Machida, Tokyo Prefecture TEL:042-798-1435