「Here Comes a Monster BNR32」The Lightweight Yet Comfortable Beast Laps Tsukuba in 58 Seconds!

2020/06/10 23:25

Settings emphasize a steady rise from low to mid speed range


A rearing-to-go attack machine that does not sacrifice comfort

No weight reduction and fully equipped with every driver comfort. Nevertheless, this BNR32 can grab top times on virtually any circuit simply by adjusting the damping force of the suspension.


Though it sounds too good to be true, this car actually set a 58.079 at Tsukuba (actually the fastest time recorded in street radial 4WD class for 2017).



The engine is an HKS 2.8L kit and GT2530 twin turbo, a “royal tune” spec for the RB26. There are no one-off original parts at all, and point is made that only commercially available parts are used.



Two GT2530 turbos were installed via the original stainless exhaust manifold. Max output is 600ps at max boost of 1.8kg. However, the true value of this engine comes from its 70kgm wide torque.


An acceleration-oriented setting that creates torque from the low to medium rpm range is the secret weapon for quick lap times. Engine management is from an F-CON V Pro and boost control comes from an EVC6.



The exhaust system including the front pipe and muffler are titanium. In addition to improving exhaust efficiency in line with the engine’s power-up, it also improves performance by reducing weight.



The cooling system includes an ARC two-layer intercooler, and original 2-layer radiator. An HKS 12-stage oil cooler was also incorporated. Aero parts come from the tuner Reverse’s orignal brand “Seed”.



The suspension is built around Zeal Function coilovers (F16kg/mm R14kg/mm). The arms are adjustable and Cusco’s reinforced stabilizer enhances roll rigidity. The mechanical LSD is a NISMO product.


Front and rear wheels are 11J Enkei RS05RR with Advan Neova AD08R tires in 295 widths. Endless calipers (F6 pot R4 pot) can be seen through the Enkei’s spokes.



Contrary to the racy appearance, the interior is completely street spec. The dashboard and panels are factory normal. The transmission was coverted to a BNR34 Getrag 6-speed manual. Clutch is an EXEDY triple plate.



On a test course that was similar to a normal road course, it was found that the car’s engine power, brakes and suspension are all balanced very well. Without weight reduction, the car felt solid but surprisingly very controllable. Corners could be taken at speed with full confidence.



Future plans for the car include further upping the potential inline with a full engine overhaul. The evolution of the second-generation GT-R is still continuing because new parts are still on the market.


●Special Thanks:Reverse 126-2 Nagata, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture TEL:0285-82-4870


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