「Smokey Nagata Visits Daisuke Shoten?!」An Exciting Parade of Rare Parts [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/06/10 23:49 Modified : 2020/06/10 23:49

Nomuken & Smokey Drive Showa-Era Cars SUPER Q D1SL Vol.11②



In this clip, Smokey and Nomuken drop by the legendary modified car shop “Daisuke Shoten”. Daisuke is the eccentric mastermind behind the “Spaceship Celsior” seen in previous videos. He has collected tens-of-thousands of old parts over many years related to Showa-era cars. He shows off some of the super rare parts in this video. Even Smokey was freaking out over the mountain of treasures that would not be amassed by any ordinary collector.



Smokey brings his Galant GTO and Nomuken brings a “Sameburu” Bluebird to Daisukes shop. Daisuke tells them he can transform their cars into “zokusha” in a mere 20 minutes, so they took him up on the challenge. Driving their cars transformed into old-school style street racers, they each gave their impressions behind the wheel. Watch the full video below!