「Osaka Kanjo Style on the Circuit!」This Wonder Civic Packs A Punch!

Published : 2020/06/11 14:50 Modified : 2020/06/11 14:50

The spirit of Osaka echoes throughout this car


The sound produced by the ZC Modified Solex 44φ carburator and Mugen exhaust manifold is so fierce!


The goal was to revive the glory days of the “Wonder Civic” back from the Osaka Kanjo. Mr. Furukawa of tuning shop Car Craft Boon says this Civic gives off true highway racer vibes.



The ZC engine painted in rising sun coloring is eye-catching. HKS high cams (IN/EX256 degrees) and intake/exhaust tuning give a punchy acceleration and high exhaust note.



The intake system is equipped with a Solex 44φ carburator and the exhaust has a 4-2-1 layout with Mugen exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold is a deadstock part from back in the day and a very sought after piece. A lightweight flywheel from Toda Racing helps achieve low gearing and a sharp jump.



All unnecessary driver comforts have been removed, leaving a stripped interior with only the drivers seat and instrument panel. The body is not heavily reinforced but the Mugen 6-point roll cage was cut short to sit low in the car like a GT machine. This gives the interior a sporty look and lowers the center of gravity.



The wheels are classic Weds Sport Racing (FR 14-inch 6.5J) which were popularly known as the “Jellyfish”. Tires are Direzza 03G (F195/60 R185/60). The rear suspension was taken from a Quinto Integra. The car is classicly tuned so rear brake drums were swapped out for discs, a popular mod from back at that time.



On the exterior a large rear wing asserts its presence. This is Car Craft Boon’s original spoiler called “Waru-pane”. It was reproduced from the specfications popular in Osaka Kanjo style at that time.


This Wonder Civic echoes that strong intentions of its creator. Compared to automobiles of the current era, this car is compact, lean and trimmed down like an agile athlete. This is why they continue to have such an avid fan base.


●Special Thanks:Car Craft Boon 8-12-15 Nishitoriishi, Takaishi, Osaka Prefecture 


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