「Officially Certified 420HP Lancer Evo X」A Shop Demo Car Capable of Real Street Performance!

2020/06/11 12:32

A street registered performance machine that you can enjoy on circuits and backroads!


Complete with an engine focused on pick-up and an adjustable suspension


This widebody Lancer Evolution X is a street registered tuner made by Signal Auto in Osaka. It was made under the concept of “an unbeatable performance machine that can cover city and circuit driving equally”.



A Tomei Powered cam is installed on the 4B11 engine. A Mitsubishi TF06-07 turbo helps produce 550ps at boost of 420ps / 1.35k. For control, the fuel system is strengthned by an HKS upgrade kit and controlled by an F-CON V Pro.



The plate at the rear of the engine bay is a titanium exhaust manifold play for heat insulation made by Monster. It is especially effecting for rear exhaust engines that have difficulty in dealing with heat dissipation.



The suspension is an Ohlins DFV-based Signal Auto original coilover kit. Spring rate is set to 14kg/mm in the front and rear with consideration to the balance of Cusco reinforced stabilizer.



Brakes are strengthened with an ultra-high end system. Here are Endless calipers and monoblocks with e-slit rotors of 370mm in the front and 332mm at the rear.



Wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing TE37RTs in 11J +17 sizing. Tires are 295/30R18 Potenza RE-71R.



The interior has simple upgrades including booster gauge, water and oil temp gauges but no roll cage. The steering is a Nardi Classic model and seating is BRIDE Zeta III.



Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita test drove the vehicle and gave us his impression. “It has really responsive handling and good pickup. This is a textbook example of a perfectly tuned FF-based 4WD machine” he says.
This is a beautiful Lancer Evolution X with impressive specs and a great all around tuning car for the street or the circuit.


●Special Thanks:Signal Auto 2-6-8 Aoshinke, Minoo, Osaka Prefecture TEL:072-727-065


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