「Daigo Saito Builds His Own Circuit?! 」A Look Inside His New Secret Base!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/06/12 22:27 Modified : 2020/06/12 22:27

D1 driver Daigo Saito builds his own circuit!!



World-famous Japanese drifter Daigo Saito made a mini-circuit next to his home base factory that can be use for practice, machine tests and goofing around. The V-OPT team got a chance to infiltrate his new playground!



In addition, exclusive coverage of the 2020 D1GP cars which he will drive this season is included in this clip! Saito talked to us about the points that evolved in the new car over from the previous season’s machine and gives his feelings on the production. Check out the latest specs of his latest drift Supra and its new fighting power!