「Complaints of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway’s Roulette Runners!」A Reaction from the Tuning Industry

Published : 2020/06/12 22:01 Modified : 2020/09/29 15:43

What does the tuning industry think about these highway speed demons?!


“It’s the same feeling as its ever been”


There has been word going around again recently about news coverage related to roulette runners, young drivers who blast around the Tokyo Metropolitain Expressways at breakneck speeds. Under police crackdowns that have begun again, a number of arrests have been made. These arrests have been made under the suspicion of street racers violating public road traffic laws.


The arrests were reported by various media outlets. “Yuya Namiki (20-year old part-time restuarant worker) and resident of Chiba’s Matsudo city has been arrested under suspicion of violating traffic laws. It is suspected that he drove a heavily modifed car with a concealed license plate during the midnight hours on the Tokyo Metropolitain Expressway’s Wangan Line. On a stretch of highway in the Ota-ward of Tokyo, the driver collided with a side wall at a speed of 160km/h”.


This news including footage of the driver’s arrest made the rounds on the internet in the blink of an eye. The driver was mocked by car enthusiasts on social media with comments such as, “What an idiot” and “Self-destructive, lol”.



The reaction in the tuning world was also quite cold. “I’ve always known that roulette runners were active but its starting to make waves in the public eye again because of incidents like this” says Mr. K, representative from a Tokyo-area tuning shop.


There were various other reactions on the current news of roulette runners from other figures in the industry.


“When this kind of news comes out, you really have to encourage drivers to run hard on the circuit rather than public roads. However, the C1 loop and connecting highways are pretty much a circuit in themselves, so I can see how its easy to get caught up. These kinds of things happen and he’s lucky to get away without injury, but its dangerous when you start to involve public motorists.” – racing driver, Mr. O


“You almost have to laugh at this kind of news. It seems he was driving on cheap Nankang AR-1’s (S tire) and had no regard for himself or others driving like that on Tokyo highways. That said, its been happening for decades already now so its really nothing new.” -former street tuner Mr. S


“If you really want to attack the C1 highway, what you really need is a GT-R with at least 600hp. To get a car like that, come to me and I’ll build one for you” -tuning shop owner Mr. K


“Maybe this young driver is someone who longed for the heyday of the Osaka Kanjo Loop or C1 in the 90s. If it were me, I would be pretty embarassed to be singled out to the public like that.” -tuning parts maker Mr. F


“Let’s run crazy the moment we get our driver’s license? A young guy like that needs to keep it off the streets until he learns some control. Its an accident waiting to happen when you don’t know what you’re doing” -tuning shop owner Mr. K



Because this story has made national news, the content of the reactions you read here was, needless to say, controversial. This is why we made the comments anonymous. However, we have a feeling that a lot of OPTION readers probably feel the same way.


Of course “Kanjozoku” does not always equal “Modified Car”. However, it is true that these are connected. We do have to keep in mind the safety of public motorists at all time and everyone should follow the rules of the road. If you really want to let loose, you can do that at your local circuit, not on public highways.