「A Wagon Daily Driver Consistently Lays Down 9-Second Runs?!」A Road Registered Stagea with 1100HP!

Published : 2020/06/13 22:21 Modified : 2020/06/13 22:21

I tried to break free from drag racing, but….


A fully tuned Stagea that still puts 9-second runs despite its heavy weight


The owner of this car enjoyed drag racing with a fully tuned BNR32. He participated in many competitions and events but the car eventually reached the end of its life due to many years of hard use.


“I thought it was time for me to hang up my hat on drag racing. But just before I quit, I decided I couldn’t let go of the engine from my R32 after putting so much work into it. I bought this Stagea and I just couldn’t quit” says the owner.



The engine is a reinforced 2.6L that emphasizes high rotation and generates 1060ps. Previously the engine was a 2.8L spec but the owner prefers it in its current 2.6L spec for upkeep. Control comes from an F-CON V Pro.



The huge turbo is an HKS T51R Special BB. In the engines 2.6L specification, the turbo start up is poor and initial torque is insufficient, so NOS is set up to supplement it. Peak power at full injection exceeds 1100ps.



The transmission is an OS Giken sequential. Since the car is also used for commuting, it has obtained official approval for street use. The car also has a navigation system, audio and air conditioner so it can be used for comfortable city driving.



The front is equipped with wide fenders and the rear has molded fenders. In front and rear are 275/40R17 Hoosier drag radials. The suspension is an Aragosta coilover kit. Becuase it is a 1.7-ton heavyweight machine, the suspension is set more firmly than the owners previous BNR32.



At the time of this interview, the current best time was 9.610 seconds. The car is a result of the owners drive to fine tuning and detailed settings. Most suprisingly this is a daily driver with driver comforts intact. This is the ultimate rapid commuter wagon that still can be used as a genuine drag car.