「This JZS161 Aristo Looks Good with Overfenders!」A Wide Slammed Sedan with 600HP

2020/06/14 23:22

Full turbo spec 2JZ with 6-speed manual in a luxury sedan!


A VIP styled big-body 4-door that is more than just for show!


The JZS161 Aristo is a car which is still quite popular today. There are a few obvious reasons for this. With Toyota’s powerful 2JZ-GTE in an FR layout, this is undoubtedly a sedan version of the JZA80 Supra. The owner who was fascinated with this idea wanted to mate a manual transmission and make a Supra sedan in the truest sense. The result is this tuned JZS161 you see here.



The transmission swaps in a Getrag 6-speed from a JZA80 Supra. The place where the foot-operated parking brake was originally located was changed to an e-brake type. This contribute to ease of sports driving and can drift easily.



The 2JZ-GTE incorporates an HKS 256-degree cam. The cooling system is strengthened with a Koyo radiator and one-off original oil cooler.



The turbo is a large single Trust T78. Max boost pressure is 1.2kg and boasts an output of over 600ps.



The suspension that allows the car to get low is a fully adjustable coilover kit by Largus. The overfenders are one-off original pieces, adding 70mm each side at the front and 100mm each side at the rear. Since the fenders were produced with direct regard to the wheels, fitment is very snug. Other aero parts are made by K-Break.



Wheels are Work Meister S1. Sizing is 9.5J up front and 12J at the rear. Greddy brake calipers can be seen between the spokes. The rotors are two-piece slit.


The rear member has been spot-welded for reinforcement. This improves stability in such a big-bodied car.



Needless to say this JZS161 is tastefully modified. Equipped with a 2JZ-GTE and manual transmission, it can be said this is an Aristo to measure all other Aristos by.