「This is the Youth of Drifters!」Highlights from 20 years of “Ika-ten” History!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/06/19 22:00 Modified : 2020/06/19 22:00

The 20-year history of “Ika-ten” Drift Tengoku Vol. 50-2 ⑨



“Ika-ten” was the highest peak of group drift competiton as a gateway to being a top drifter. This project looks back on scenes of its long 20-year history. Relive the laughs, excitement and crashes of the drivers who lived their lives running in group drifting.



Ika-ten serves as a complete recording of the amateur age of drivers who later went on to compete in D1GP. There are some very interesting highlights included, one of which is the apperance of Team Orange Kohashi who had been improving his skills on the circuit since junior high school.