「A Neo-Old Car Style S15 Silvia」Showing Off 15-inch Glow Star Wheels!

2020/06/19 21:36

The car was converted to 4-lug to use these wheels!


This car shows the wide range of application of the neo-old car wheel “Glow Star”


「A modern wheel for old cars」 This is the concept behind Star Road’s specially developed Glow Star wheel, which boast an overwhelming popularity with old car owners.


The target for these wheels are vehicles like the S30Z and Hakosuka, but according to Star Road, the number of unexpected car models installing these wheels are rapidly increasing.



For example, the S15 Silvia shown here. In order to achieve a kind of neo-classic style on this car, the owner dared to put 240ZG-style overfenders and a Hakosuka type rear wing.



In addition, 15-inch Glow Stars were selected. To accomplish this, a hub swap from 5-lug to 4-lug was done. Of course, another route was to choose classic wheels from back in the day, but the fact that other modern elements were incorporated led the owner to choose Glow Stars.



This wheel, though based on a classic design has been modernized with a variety of different finishes. In addition to an orthodox plated finish, the outer rim is also available in colors such as bronze or black. For the mesh-type disc, various finishes can also be selected including a sharp machined surface cut.


To accent nostalgic cues, there are also modern elements. This is the mission of Glow Star.



A wide range of rim width options are also available. 15 x 5.0J to 13J widths with rim depths of 32mm to 207mm possible. With a range this wide you can surely find the perfect fit no matter what vehicle, ride height or aero parts you are running.



To install these wheels on modern sports models, there of course are issues including brake and hub size that cannot be overlooked. However, if installed successfully, they can have quite the impact, as seen on this S15. Its worth the challenge.


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