「A Jet Black BNR34 with a Unique Tuning Approach」800hp with Power Emphasis in the High RPM Range

Published : 2020/06/25 01:43 Modified : 2020/06/25 01:43

A monster GT-R built for the circuit


Powered by a modified 2.7L RB26 with V cam layout and T51R turbo


T-Get are talented tuners who support a wide range of vehicles from race spec machines to street tuning cars. This is the BNR34 that the company produced as a time attack car for the circuit.



The engine is a 2.7L spec assembled using JUN pistons, connecting rod and crank. As for the RB26 it puts emphasis on high rotation but T-Get also incorporates an HKS V cam step 2 to expand the power band.



The turbo choice is a big single HKS T51 R-kai turbo. The engine in managed by an F-CON V Pro. It produces 800ps / 87.2kgm.



Made of machined aluminum, the surge tank is lightweight yet has high strength. It is made by Australian company Hypertune. The 100φ single throttle body is also by Hypertune.



The suspension is D2 Japan’s Super Racing kit (FR 20kg/mm). Brakes are D2 Japan monoblock calipers.


Wheels are 19-inch Volk Racing TE37SL front and rear. Tires are 285/35-19 Advan A050. The final gear is 3.7.



The interior is decidedly sporty, with air conditioner and audio removed. A dash-penetrating roll cage is also equipped. The transmission is an OS Giken 6-speed sequential. A shift position meter is mounted among the cluster. Seat is a full bucket type BRIDE.



At the time of this feature, the car was still in shakedown and final settings being resolved but was still able lap Fuji Speedway at 1:52.325 with Mr. Mitsuhiro Kinoshita as the driver.


This GT-R is a top example of a simple yet effective time attack machine. It has rock solid tuning buy T-get who are obviously more than a little familiar with this model GT-R.


●Contact:T-Get  2-6-9 Fujiwaracho, Gyoda, Saitama Prefecture  TEL:048-554-1345


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