「A Top Grade Low Down S13 Silvia!」Must See Custom Bodywork

Published : 2020/06/26 00:08 Modified : 2020/06/26 00:08

This brave owner dared to cut the body of a perfect condition Silvia.


Totally slammed style that makes good use of genuine factory body lines


Check out this S13 which has an exceptionally well preserved interior and exterior. It appears that the owner heard of this car which was lovingly stored indoors for years and directly contacted the car’s owner to negotiate a sale. The car is a pristine example of the automatic transmission Q’s model.


The mileage at the time the owner acquired the car was a mere 18,000km! Moreover, it was totally unmolested with a full factory normal interior, exterior and engine. This is rare for a car like this, even in Japan. 



With a Silvia in a condition like this, the owner could no doubt make a huge profit by putting on auction. However, he opted to start modifying it for himself instead. One of the first mods was a 5-speed manual transmission swap from a 180SX.



What catches your attention first is of course how slammed it is. The owner first planned to lower ride height as much as possible inside factory fenders. However, he changed his mind and added the N-Style overfenders you see here. They add 30mm to each side at the front and 50mm each side at the rear. The factory fender arches were cut by up to 30mm at the front and 60mm at the rear to achieve this low down form.


In order to lower the car this much, rear suspension members were reinforced and raised by 20mm at tuning shop Machikado R. Wheels are 17-inch Work Seeker.



The rear fender lines would not flow well around the fuel lid, so it was relocated to inside the trunk.



The engine is an SR20 with a turbo from genuine factory S14. The fuel system, exhaust system and cooling system have all been upgraded. Tire housings were hammered out to make clearance from front tires which are 235/40R17 size.



The interior was equipped with a roll cage and bucket seats. The interior seems to be setup like drift spec, but the dashboard has zero cracks and the whole interior looks amazing for its age.



The exterior keeps the original factory late model Silvia two-tone color and rear spoiler. LED tail lights from D-MAX were painted red to appear as close to factory stock as possible.



The current mileage at the time of interview was still only 35,000km. While the original condition of the car itself is impressive, we are impressed by the owner’s courage to modify it in his own personal taste while still preserving the dynamics that the S13 is famous for. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)