「This is the Definitive Urban RF Roadster!」BLITZ Total Tuning!

2020/06/26 22:11

Comprehensive products to meet all needs by a renowned parts maker


A pure white RF Roadster stands in silence


BLITZ has rolled out a comprehensive parts series known as Aero Speed R. Among those parts, those built to suit the ND model Roadster are popular. They have excellent aerodynamic characteristics compatible with circuit machines and also look great on the street.



The full bumper type front spoiler (110,000yen) has lengthened the nose by about 30mm. Since it shows a surface structure that can be divided into several blocks by ducts and driving lights, it can be finished in a race style or dress-up style depending on the intention of the user.



The side skirts (85,000yen) are characterized by a three-dimensional shape and add flowing impactful lines to the car.



Although compatible with other roadster models, the genuine factory high mount stop lamp is required when mounting the rear spoiler (68,000yen) only on the RF model.



At the rear, the lower diffuser (72,000yen) gives added presence specifically to the Nurspec VS / VSR Quad models.


Although it requires a normal bumper to be installed, the quad exit exhaust gives an aggressive image to the roadster.



The engine uses an advanced power cleaner to improve intake efficiency and throttle control to improve the electronically controlled throttle response. The red radiator hose and specialized tower bar add unmistakable BLITZ flavor under the hood.



The suspension is set up with ZZ-R dampers. It has been set up with priority for street use. Spring rates are 5kg/mm at the front and 2.5kg/mm at the rear. Reinforced rubber improves upper arm function. Wheels are 17-inch Enkei PFM1. Tires are Dunlop Direzza ZIII in F235/45-17 and R255/40-17 sizing.



On the interior, there is a BLITZ Touch B.R.A.I.N and throttle controller with 20 modes, including auto mode as standard. Electronic parts like these can be easily installed and are recommened first stages in tuning.



There are additional parts for serious users including a bolt on turbo system, coilover kit, etc. With a series of specialized parts like these, it is possible to fully tune your roadster using only BLITZ products.


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