「A Grandfather’s Keepsake…Slammed on the Street?!」A GX81 Tuned in Rare Style

2020/06/27 21:30

A low-down sedan with custom-made air suspension


A “stance” styled GX81 that was the owner’s grandfather’s daily


This GX81 was a car originally inherited from the grandfather of the current owner. What started as a plan for light customization eventually escalated, resulting in the car seen here. A fully custom made air suspension, full body paint job and wheels were incorporated among other things.



There were no aero parts kit that specifically stood out to the owner, so he ended up with an original look by combining three different makers parts. He realized a unique presence in this way.



The wheels are Work Emotion in 8J at the front and 10J at the rear. The fenders swallow this wide sizing and have precisely calculated clearance to flow with the lines of the car.



The GX81 Mark II is a car that no longer has many geniuine parts readily available. For this reason, the owner cut custom door trim from wooden pieces. There are some points given here for DIY ingenuity.



The taillights are one-piece custom made LED by the owner with sequential turn signal function. The exhaust tips are also sourced from another model to create a modern look.



Interior parts including the dashboard and centerconsole have been updated by using alcantara material. A dark brown color scheme gives a high-class feel. Rockford audio gives excellent sound quality.



Nissan Z33 Sunshine Yellow was chosen for the body color. The point of main focus on this car is the fully custom made air suspension that helps it achieve its stunning low-down form.


The owners grandmother told him, “I can’t understand this kind of car!” though he says he will continue to do custom work with or without her support. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)