「The 1300HP RX-3 That Came From the Caribbean」A World Top Level Tuned Rotary Dragster

Published : 2020/06/29 23:10 Modified : 2020/06/29 23:10

A tube-frame specification RX-3 all the way from Puerto Rico


The well known Japanese shop Top Fuel was in charge of maintenance!


This RX-3 (S124A) is a tuned rotary machine built in Puerto Rico. The small island located in the Caribbean Sea has a large number of rotary enthusiats. Extreme drag racing is popular here. There are more than 10 tuned 13B cars there that can run 400m in 6 seconds.



The owner of this car had an interest in tuned rotary engines built for drag racing. He imported this special car to Japan and marked a time of 7.1 seconds locally. Since then, maintenance on the car has been carried out at the prestigious drag and rotary specialist shop Top Fuel Racing.



Power comes from a 13B-T out of an FC3S. The port shape is a cross port spec that combines a side port with a peripheral port. Because it uses alcohol for fuel, which has high anti-knock properties, it doesn’t need an intercooler. At this spec, it can exceed 1000ps. However, in the current setup it produces around 600ps.



The turbo has a unique ported shroud that is a specially produced product based on American manufacturer Borg Warner. In terms of air volume, it is possible to reach 1300ps with boost power over 3kg.



Throttles and intake manifolds exclusively match the cross port and 4-barrel throttle. This is a rather standard setup for such high power vehicles.



Originally engine control came from a Microtech MT124 ECU but was recently changed to a Mortech M800. This is an unit that comes recommended by Top Fuel Racing because of its precision idling control.



In the ignition system is an MSD DIS-2 which is also a familar product to Japanese tuners. A powerful multi-spark system prevents misfires at high revs.



The transmission is an American G Force GF2000V. It will be updated with a Jerico air shifter in the near future.



The body is a complete tube frame construction. The rear is equipped with a 9-inch narrow differential. The suspension is a drag special by Koni. It is of course set up to make full use of over 1000ps.



Large sized Hoosier drag slicks which fit within the fenders have huge visual impact as you can see. The exterior including the roof is made of FRP. About the only original RX-3 body parts intact are taillights and emblems.



The headlights are airbrushed on. The weight of the car is about 700kg. Weight reduction to this level is to be expected from such a serious drag machine.



The wheelie bar is a single type that was the trend when this car was first made. Special equipment such as the drag wing and parachute for braking are also installed.



Although the owner of this car has had many tuning cars in his lifetime, this is the first one to get this seriously high-spec. He tell us that he would like to bring out the performance over a long span which no doubt requires regular maintenance and continued updates. (Excerpt from the December 2014 issue of OPTION2 magazine)


●Special Thanks:Top Fuel Racing  5-209 Azumacho, Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture TEL:048-935-1913


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