「It’s Famous Personalities Versus Pro Racers!」Highlight Reel from Ika-ten Drift Series【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/06/29 00:04 Modified : 2020/06/29 00:04

【Special Edition】Ika-ten Best-of Videos featuring big crashes and celebrity appearances



“Ika-ten” is the famous drift series known as the gateway for crazy drivers. In this video, familar OPTION face Tarzan Yamada is joined by active pro drivers of Super GT and Formula as well as some celebrities. This video is a highlight reel that looks back on some of the biggest appearances by famous people.



The video also features some of the biggest crashes, which everyone always wants to see. While lots of courses have runoff areas or guardrails to soften the blow, when you’re drifting and wanna show off to the judges and rolling cameras, there’s bound to be some crashes. Sometimes though, it’s almost as if they were aiming to hit the judges stand (lol).