「This NSX is Like No Other!」A Car That Exudes The Style of Kansai Service Tuning

2020/06/30 22:00

ONot pursuing the limit, but rather using deep know how to bring out the best details


This NSX was tuned by Kansai Service, a shop which expands the potential of genuine factory products


It is sometimes said that totally improving performance is the real draw of tuning. However, tuners Kansai Service seem to disagree. Instad, they think that perfect tuning is to make full use of each exisiting part and detail.



This is the NSX which is known around the world as a Japanese supercar. A tuning shop like Kansai Service could have produced a super tuning machine that would surely become a hot topic in the industry. However, they chose a different route for this demo car and kept tuning work in the finer details only.


The reason for that, in the words of representative Mr. Mukai, “With a car like this, I’ll gladly leave it to other shops to make something flashy. What we want for this car is to modify it serving as a direct reference to the customer”.



Mr. Mukai high appreciates the factory V6 twin turbo of the NSX. Therefore, a light tune to bring out the best of the engine was done. For this, only the intercooler piping was remade. In order to suppress expansion loss, the hose was upgraded from rubber to silicone. Crystal painted piping was used to add a classy accent.



Next was the suspension. The NSX uses an integrated dynamics system to perform precise control for each driving mode.


Original dampers and springs were used, and the original ride height adjustment adapter lowers the height by about 10mm at the front and 20mm at the rear. Depending on the stage, roll may feel excessive so strengthening the stabilizer is a step that is being considered.



The wheels are 20-inch (9.0J +47) at the front and 21-inch (12J +45) at the rear. The simple and sporty Advan Racing GT wheels accent the NSX’s elegant body perfectly. Tires are Continental Conti Sports Contact 6 in F255/30-20 R325/25-21 sizing.



The interior is kept mostly factory original. Only the drivers seat has been upgraded to a RECARO RS-G. This is a seat which has added comfort and holdability for the driver.



Even a supercar with overwhelming performance cannot be enjoyed if not matched well to the driver. The goal here was to arrive at the ideal result with the minimum number of steps. It seems Kansai Service have yet again honed their skill on drawing out the best from minimal modifications.


●Special Thanks:Kansai Service  1080 Oguracho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture TEL:0743-84-0126


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