「Here Comes the World’s Fastest Tuning Car」A Super Aerodynamic 1200 Horsepower Modified Porsche 968!

Published : 2020/07/07 22:45 Modified : 2020/07/07 22:45

The car that achieved two consecutive wins at WTAC gets a bold update!


The racing spec Porsche 968 that reigns over all


It is the event WTAC (World Time Attack Challenge) that decides the fastest tuning car in the world. This Porsche 968 sits atop the “Pro Class” category. In other words, its the fastest car on the planet right now.


The 968 is a well known model in Japan. However, this car was heavily modified after studying the time attack scene. It evolved into a full racing spec car and is now a totally different animal.



The main body is a full one-off original pipe frame. The floor and firewall are built keeping in line with WTAC regulations.



All aero parts were produced in pursuit of high downforce and made of dry carbon. Obviously the front under panel and rear wing that overhangs the body have been built with aerodynamic function in mind, but the entire underbody and insides of the fenders were also developed through extensive research. The shark fin imprinted with the team name RP968 is another iconic part of this amazing machine.



The engine is based on the genuine 4-cylinder 3.0L M44.43 but has been bored up to 4.0L. The cylinder block is a machined billet masterpiece.


The head is a modifed reverse type single bank of a V8 engine head. This increases the flexibility of the turbo layout. The turbo used is a single Garrett G42.



Engine management is done by a racing ECU manufacturer called EM Tron. Maximum boost pressure at 2.0kg pushes a whopping 1250ps.



In the exhaust department, the exhaust and wastegate exit from the side at the shortest distance. This is a trend in recent WTAC vehicles and also enhances design freedom of the underbody surface as well as exhaust efficiency.



The front and rear suspension have been changed to double wishbone type. Almost all parts of the undercarriage including arms and uprights are all totally one-off originals.



The brakes are a strong combination of Porsche racing calipers and carbon rotors. It goes without saying that all parts are first-class products with zero compromises.



The rear axle is equipped with a transaxle type Alvins sequential transmission.



The shifter has been changed from the I-pattern to paddle shift type. Quick shifting is made possible by control from the EM Tron unit. The speedometer is Mortech’s C187. The steering has built-in traction and boost pressure control switches.



According to a representative from Team RP968, PR Technology has cooperated in production and team management but the operation is done entirely by private party. However, there is no doubt here that this is an ultra high-class tuning machine and involves top drivers, engineers and mechanics.