「The Stunning Silvia That Made Huge Waves in the Tuning World」Its Engine Protrudes Into the Interior?!【OPTION Back Number】

Published : 2020/07/10 22:55 Modified : 2020/07/10 22:57

“WELD” is the famous tuning shop that had its hand on some Formula D machines in Japan. The work that made its name known throughout the tuning industry was this S14 Silvia that debuted at the 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon. This is a car that had a lasting impact on tuners throughout Japan and influenced tuning reaching far beyond just Japan. (Excerpt from the OPTION March 2003 issue)



In pursuit of a fascinating drift car, this 480HP SR20DET powered S14 has a mid-mount engine!


WELD’s seriously incredible drift spec Silvia



The engine is mounted through the bulkhead. The radiator is rear mounted. The exhaust penetrates the interior. The hood tilts dramatically forward. This was a car that caused shockwaves when it hit the scene with all its one-off original work.



This is a drift spec Nissan S14 Silvia produced by tuning shop WELD. “Though this has the look and finish of a show car, there is no doubt that you can drift it” says Mr. Ito of WELD. All custom work was done under precise calculation. Lets take a closer look.



First of all, the engine mount position is obviously not normal. The bulkhead was modified to push the front and rear weight distribution closer to 50:50. The SR20DET engine was pushed back a total of 410mm. If you look at the engines position in relation to the strut towers, you can fully understand the magnitude of this modification.



However, if you move the engine mounting position this far, the engine bay will interfere with the windshield. Because this would significantly reduce engine access, an operable acrylic window was manufactured to suit. The roof side is hinged and the bulkhead side is screwed. The acrylic is a 5mm thick product that can withstand hard driving and heat.



The front mid-engined specification helps balance during drifting where response in the low and medium speed range. Port polishing and combustion chamber modification has been done and Z32 88φ pistons divert to 2.1L spec. A TD06-20G turbo brings output to about 480ps.



An adverse effect of pushing the engine so far back was trying to route the exhaust under the floor. It was impossible to reach ideal exhaust efficiency because of the tight angle. As a countermeasure, a side-out layout was built through a muffler and wastegate pipe on the interior. To combat heat and noise, there is a box with thermal insulation material to house it.



A two-layer aluminum radiator is installed in the trunk. Cooling air is introduced from under the floor. Air is forcibly discharged from the duct with an electric fan in the rear bumper.



A 20-point roll cage painted the same color as the interior is an Okuyama special product. It is a full race spec that is mated to the body with 2mm thick gusset plates.



Along with the change in the transmission mounting position, the pedal position has also been completely changed. The seats are also offset accordingly. Lights and power windows are operated by switches on the center console. Even though it is a hard tuned machine, there are various measures in place that prevent it from compromising comfort for street use.



Because the shifter moves back with the position of the transmission, the linkage was moved to the front for easier operation. The link can be adjusted for quick shifts or longer stroke. The e-brake is also a one-off original.



Because the focus is geared more toward visual impact than weight reduction, all body work was done with iron plate welding. The hood ducts are also iron plate. Through trials of durability and size, hydraulic dampers for the hood from a JZX81 were chosen. Front and rear wheels are 19-inch Work Meister. Widths are 9J +12 at the front and 10J +17 at the rear.



After this S14 debuted, there were many custom tuning cars which combined stylish dress-up and engine tuning to follow. This super tuned masterpiece by WELD had a tremendous and lasting impact on the industry.


●Special Thanks:WELD  1-31-18 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture TEL:045-595-0855


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