「Long Awaited 18-Inch Sizing Volk Racing TE37V Appears」The Deep TE “San-Nana” is Incredible!

Published : 2020/07/10 23:33 Modified : 2020/07/11 00:30

A super lightweight deep rim! The ultimate sports wheel from the 90s!


The TE37V SL 2021 Limited is finally here


Everyone knows that Volk Racing TE37V is name which synonymous with high performance wheels. Among the variations of that wheel, the SL2021 Limited has now appeared. This series previously focused on older car sizing in 15-inch and 16-inch.



The main difference of this model with the highly popular SL1920 Limited which was released a while ago now is the long awaited 18-inch sizing. The wheel also gets an expansion in 5-lug specifications. This makes it the perfect choice for modified 90s sports models, especially those with widebody kits or overfenders.



Of course, with Ray’s advanced forging technology which is continuously evolving, the weight problem that comes with deep rim wheel types can be cleared easily. The basic idea is focusing on weight reduction, a tradition of the SL series, including use of aluminum air valves and elimination of centre caps.



The color is pressed graphite (PG) which is based on gunmetal and sprayed with black clearcoat. The Ray’s logo is machined on one of the spokes using patented A.M.T. technology. In addition, a fluorescent yellow spoke sticker is included that makes it stand out as a limited version.



The 18-inch model was installed on this vehicle, an ACTIVE carbon kitted BNR32. It has sizing of 10.5J -25 at the front and 11.5J -40 at the rear. Tire widths at the front are 255 size and 265 at the rear. The different expressions of the shallower face at the front and deeper at the rear enhance the presence.



The ACTIVE original 4-pot caliper and large brake system with 345mm disc rotors are also cleared with plenty of room. Since the wheel is produced in tuner sizing, specialized know-how is essential for perfect fitment. 。



The deepest rim (LLL rim) with a difference of 114mm from the disc surface is installed at the rear. The Carbon R fenders widen the car by about 40mm to accomodate these wheels.


The highlight of this series is still to come. One of the outstanding points is the option for PCD 5×100, which is a first for the SL series. As you might have guessed at this news, this spec is targeted toward the 86 & BRZ with wide fender specifications. Following this popular trend, a range of aggressive wheel inset options are available.



With its overwhelming depth and lightness, the TE37V SL2021 Limited charts new territory for 1-piece forged wheels. Do take advantage of the added variety of sizing and offset options.


Product Specifications




●Contact:RAYS TEL:06-6787-0019

●Manufacturer:Rays Engineering


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