「Now This is Serious Stuff!」Tomei Powered’s Amazing Turbo Kit for the RB26DETT!

Published : 2020/07/12 21:35 Modified : 2020/07/12 21:35

The target power is 550hp just by bolting it on


Will this be the new standard in RB26DETT tuning?!


Tomei Powered’s Garrett ball bearing turbo system is a product that has been loved by all tuners, as a kit that is extremely compatible with the RB26DETT. Although it disappeared from their lineup due to consolidation of products, this masterpiece of a turbo was brought back as the “T550B” (¥380,000) and is now being sold again.



The target is 550 ps when bolted onto a normal engine. It is a big single turbo with great boost-up capability. The center cartridge which is key for performance is made by IHI. It uses ultra-precision ball bearings. The compressor wheel has an outer diameter of 60mm and the turbo wheel has an outer diameter of 48mm.



This turbo realizes excellent cost performance by not using a ported shroud. It pursues surge resistance with only the performance of the main body. Another great feature of the T550B is that a feeling of great response can be felt regardless of the boost setting.



The turbo was fully developed in house by Tomei Powered. They produce products that are on par with competition engines, so quality and performance are assured.



This power graph is based on a vehicle with the Tomei Powered cam, full cast exhaust manifold, turbo and Ti racing front pipe in addition to the T550B turbo. Here you can see that while maintaining the same low speed range as genuine factory but significantly increased power in the middle and high rpm range.



This bolt on turbo is compatible with all models of the second-gen GT-R. The price is 380,000yen. All parts required for installation are included in the kit.



In addition to the turbo kit, Tomei Powered have also released highly efficient full-cast exhaust manifolds (128,000 yen) and peripheral parts such as the Ti Racing titanium front pipe (128,000 yen). RB26 tuning is still going strong!


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