「A Godfather Horn Echoes Through City Streets!」Cool Car Heaven “Kaido Racer Edition”【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/07/12 21:52 Modified : 2020/07/12 21:52

Video OPTION’s ongoing series “Cool Car Heaven” features a 230 Cedric kaido racer with `takeyari` cruising the streets of Tokyo



Daijiro Inada is the man who gives test drive impressions of various crazy tuning cars in his V-OPT project “Cool Car Heaven”. This time in a “Kaido Racer Edition” he drives a 230 Cedric that was made by old car specialists Mizuno Works. First, Dai gives us the lowdown on the custom points of the interior and exterior.



Dai takes a test drive to take in everything this wild car has to offer, in the crowded streets of downtown Tokyo of all places! Its quite a sight to see him blast through city streets while blaring the musical horn! Take a look at the video below, now with English subtitles!