「A Tuned Z33 That Keeps Evolving at the Hand of its Owner」Built for Pure Driving Joy and Just Became Supercharged!

Published : 2020/07/13 23:58 Modified : 2020/07/14 00:08

A step up from NA-spec to supercharger spec!


The car keeps evolving to improve its lap times at Sugo Circuit


Excessive power is not needed considering that this Z33 is used not only for time attack, but also daily commuting. On the circuit, of course you don’t need more power than you can handle. Still, tuning according to the drivers skill is a good practice for improving lap times.



This Fairlady Z was tuned with help in part from Kurumadoh Custom Factory and follows such a step-up philosophy in tuning.



The owner had been enjoying running laps at Sports Land Sugo with NA tuning spec and a modified exhaust. After becoming used to the car and the course, he decided to take power up a few notches.


Therefore, a HKS GT supercharger system was installed onto the largely factory engine. At the same time, an HKS oil cooler and trust radiator were installed. This made it possible to enjoy continuous laps on the circuit but also to provide relief during summertime traffic congestion on city streets.



Engine management is handled by a ECU unique to Kurumadoh. Due to careful setting, max output has reached 350ps. The owner seems satisfied with the power characteristics unique to the GT supercharger.



The suspension is based on Zeal Function coilovers. Stopping power has been strengthened by combining D2 monoblock calipers with 356mm rotors.


Wheels are Work Emotion CR Kiwami. Tires are Direzza ZII in 265/35 sizing.



Because this car is also used for commuting, the interior remains stylish and comfortable. Additional gauges are arranged in an easy to see position that also enhance visual appeal and functionality.



The exterior has a Garage Mak front bumper, Charge Speed side skirts and a Sard GT Wing.


At the time of this feature, only a few runs had been done with the supercharger installed. Still, the time was 1 minute 43.083 seconds. Once the owner becomes more accustomed to this setup, there is no doubt he will improve lap times with ease.


●Special Thanks:Kurumadoh Custom Factory  13 Maeda, Mizusawaku Sakurakawa, Oshu, Iwate Prefecture  TEL:0197-25-7895


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