「What is the True Capability of an S207 Limited to Production of Just 400 Units?」Powered Up with Full Scale Turbo Tuning!

Published : 2020/07/14 00:44 Modified : 2020/07/14 00:44

The HKS GTIII-RS turbo really improves intermediate level torque!


An aftermarket turbo based on specs of the limited model Subaru S207


What we have here is a full-scale tuned turbo which is based on the “S207”. This is a very rare limited production model Subaru WRX STi. The master behind this project was Subaru tuner “Car Station Marche”.



The S207 was limited to 400 units. Already this is a special sports model with beefed up performance. Still, the owner requested “more torque in the middle range” from tuning shop Marche.



In order to meet such a demand, Marche planned a tuning project based on a HKS GTIII-RS turbo.



I think that many people feel that this tuning menu gets pretty out of control when simply asked to upgrade the turbo. However, the HKS GTIII-RS (298,000yen) is a model that can be used with the genuine factory exhaust manifold. Therefore, it has excellent cost performance. Even with a normal fuel system, you can shoot for over 350ps so you can get improved acceleration power easily.



This car is equipped with the GTIII-RS in the genuine factory EJ20. This was supported by a precisely tuned ECU from Marche to improve specs to 388ps/56.2kgm.



HKS’s Super Turbo Muffler Ti which is a standard model for turbo cars is installed. It can pass vehicle inspection normally but has a capacity to support the turbo while realizing quiet output.



Although this is a very rare base car for tuning, a test was conducted on a high speed test course where it reached a max speed of 255.59km/h which was marked in 5th gear at 6400rpm.


The driver Daijiro Inada commented, “The max speed cannot be increased further dur to the balance of the gear ratio and power, but acceleration is amazing”. Actually, considering that the time from 0-180km/h is 15.24 seconds it can be seen that torque increase is quite effective when compared to 19.38 seconds from the standard WRX STi.



“When I drove it, the feeling of power was more than that of the figures. Torque is tremendously improved and the car is still easy to drive long distanes” says the owner.


If you replace the fuel pump or injector at this stage, the S207 has the potential to reach 400ps. This sort of tuning shows the effective approach of Marche who are more than a little familiar with tuning the EJ20.


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