「A Former D1 Driver’s Drift Spec R32」A Simple RB25 Swap is Just the Beginning!

Published : 2020/07/14 23:34 Modified : 2020/07/14 23:34

Powered by an RB25DET with a TD06SH-25G turbo pushing 450hp!


A drift spec R32 brought to life with original tuning


Here we introduce this R32 Skyline Type M which features a vivid body color. Work was done on this car by D1GP driver Fukuda at tuning shop “TS Factory”. Although an RB25DET swap like this is pretty standard, this cars potential was greatly increased by added original tuning.



The RB25DET has a HKS high cam with 256 degree 8.5mm lift on both intake and exhaust sides. A Tomei Powered 1.5mm metal gasket was installed to enhance boost resistance. Light head tuning was performed and control comes from an F-CON V Pro.


Also, in order to prevent damage to the oil pump due to vibration, a power steering pump was installed and a crank pulley was transplanted from an RB26.



For the turbo, an adapter merges TD05 & 06 wastegate type turbines with the normal exhaust manifold. As a result, the TD06SH-25G can be smartly mounted overhead. It outputs 450ps/45kgm at max boost pressure of 1.5km.



The surge tank with throttle on the front side is a TS Factory original (41,040 yen/normal trade-in). Although one-off piping is necessary, it is possible to achieve a reasonable turn flow that RB20/25 equipped vehicles seem to long for. Shorter piping also contributes to improved response.



The intercooler is mounted inside the core support. This aims to reduce the damage in case of a crash during drifting. It also improves response.



The suspension is based on JIC’s FLT coilover system. Because it is a drift spec, custom knuckles are installed. Lower arms have also been extended and members have been modified. The brakes have been upgraded to those of genuine factory ECR33.



The interior has been removed to promote weight reduction. Since the car often enters into sanctioned drift contests, required safety equipment such as roll cage with side bar and fire extinguisher are installed. The transmission is a genuine factory ECR33 5-speed.



FRP wide fenders are attached to the rear. They house 17-inch wheels with 255/40 size Potenza RE-01R’s.



It might be seen as a standard drift car, but this Skyline is actually a high-tuned drift machine that merges ideas of tuner and expert drifter.


●T.S Factory 2334-1 Itabashi, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture  TEL:0288-27-1049


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