「This S15 Silvia is a Just Like a JGTC Machine from the Past!」A Super Tuner That Continues to Evolve

Published : 2020/07/17 21:21 Modified : 2020/07/17 21:21

Race-ready bodywork reduces weight to 1050kg


Powerful styling and performance were realized by modifying the main frame


This S15 was developed under the concept of “How close can we get to an actual GT300 race spec car?”. However, the exterior was built with genuine GT300 aero parts obtained at discount.



The engine is an SR20 modified to 2.2L specification that combines Toda Racing forged pistons with an Apexi H-section connecting rod and full counter crank. The Tomei Powered M7960 turbo creates 400ps worth of high response power.


The intercooler is installed in a v-mount position using titanium piping. The engine bay itself is beautifully laid out. The exhaust is a one-off original side exhaust that exits from under the passenger side door.



The roll cage that takes up most of the interior is also a full one-off original construction that is fully welded and laid out in reference to the GT300 Silvia from back in the day. The use of such extensive roll bar piping might add weight but due to the weight reduction achieved by the lightweight bodywork, the total weight of the car was reduced to 1050kg.



There is a large GT wing at the rear with a 1785mm flap and gurney flap. The mount is joined with the reinforcement bar through the trunk to hold sufficient downforce. It is necessary to remove the wing in order to open the trunk.



The undercarriage is also impressive. The floor was completely cut and rebuilt after optimizing the mounting position of the diff and arms. The result is a flat floor and low vehicle ride height. Suspension was changed to a double wishbone type front and rear using one-off original arms and FD3S knuckles.



The cockpit surroundings are made with consideration to race use, including a race steering wheel, lap computer and organ pedals. All unnecessary panels and driver comforts have been removed. The transmission is an HPI 6-speed reinforced one.



The image is completely that of an original JGTC machine. Just by looks alone, you can understand this was not a half-hearted effort or mere replica. Rather, it is a pure blood circuit spec car!