「Let’s Enter the World of Old Car Racing at a JCCA Event!」Classic Car Enthusiast Mr. Akira Iida Gives His Full Report [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/07/17 22:44 Modified : 2020/07/17 23:05

【New content】Akira Iida reports! JCCA Tsukuba Meeting Summer 2020



Racing driver Akira Iida gave us his firsthand impressions from the annual JCCA Tsukuba Meeting which was held on July 5, 2020. At this event, many historic famous cars participated. Mr. Iida, who loves old cars, gave us his insight and commentary while walking around the paddock.



The highlight of the event is a simulated historic TS Cup race! With rare old tuned racing cars like Hakosuka, Sunny, S30Z and Hachiroku, this video is a must see for old car fans!