「A Bold NA Roadster in “IMSA Specification”!」A Full Body Kit That Brings a New Edge to the Roadster!

Published : 2020/07/18 22:20 Modified : 2020/07/18 22:20

An aggressive presence created by 185mm wide blister fenders


An “NA22C” body kit was produced from a personal desire


Many people will undoubtedly be familiar with the green and white racing livery on this car. The motif was seen on the IMSA SA22C RX-7, which was a legendary racing car that appeared in the American Daytona 24-hour racing in 1979, finishing 1st and 2nd in its debut.



The look is so convincing, some might even take the car as an SA22C upon first glance. If you wanted to make it just like the real thing, it would of course be quickest to use an actual SA22C as the base. However, Mr. Akio Otani of Roadster tuning specialist shop Jet Stream had a different idea. Because of the similarities between the two models, he wanted to try to build an NA Roadster in the same manner as the IMSA RX-7.


The wide body kit was based off the NA Roadster body and incorporated an original design taste to capture the IMSA feel.



The reason for building a Roadster in the style of an IMSA SA22C? Pretty simple; “Just because I wanted to!” This body kit, known as the “NA22C” consists of front bumper, lip spoiler, front and rear fenders, sideskirts, rear hatch gate, rear side panel and rear spoiler.


The installation of the rear fenders requires modification of the factory fender lines. Cost of the complete body and installation is around 1,000,000yen. Please inquire with the shop directly for details.



The rounded design keeps the appearance of the NA Roadster. The front bumper which houses huge fog lamps reminiscent of the SA22C is also compatible with a narrow body Roadster by using a separate lip spoiler. To accomodate such an option, two types of lip spoilers are available. Fog light covers are also available for this bumper in case the user does not want them.



The riveted blister fenders create a classic sporty atmosphere. Jet Stream have been producing Roadster racing parts and OEM aero parts for years, so quality and fitment are top notch.



Specially designed side skirts enhance the sense of unity in the car. If you look at the body lines here, you can really get a sense of how wide it its. A door mounted rear camera shows the rear view on an interior monitor for enhanced visibility.



The ultra wide rear fenders add 90mm on each side. The full vehicle width is expanded from 1685mm to 1870mm. This is comparable to that of a Lexus LS, Land Cruiser Prado or Z34 Fairlady Z, so for a Roadster to be this wide is incredible.



The rear section uses a genuine factory hard top and adds original side panels to create the look of an inverted “Airone” hatch. The hinge is a one-off original product made on an NC lathe. The ducktail shaped rear spoiler mounted around the rear gate is also of course specially produced.



By opening the rear hatch you can understand the mechanics of it. The body side is not modified and weather striping is kept genuine factory. The trunk is integrated with the lift up rear hatch. By modifying part of the genuine factory trunk, there is no worry of rain leaks. It is a complete body kit that takes into account by visual appeal and everyday functionality.



The rear under diffuser that regulates air flowing under the car is also a Jet Stream original. This particular demo car also adds a front under panel to create stronger downforce. You can feel the added stability at speed on highways and circuits.



The interior also has some interesting features, as Jet Stream also produces various small FRP interior pieces. Small monitors are installed on each side of the instrument panel. These display the rear view from the aforementioned door mounted rear cameras.



The smartphone holder in the center panel is also an original feature. The system is linked with bluetooth so you can listen to audio easily.



If you put bucket seats that have a low seating position in the car, you elbow hits the center console when shifting. A popular item called the “Sport Center Console” from Jet Stream solves this. The price starts from 14,000yen.



At the factory, a new widebody kit for the NC Roadster was currently in the prototyping stages. The design has an aggressive feel and we are looking forward to see the finished product.



With 30 years of experience in producing aero parts, Jet Stream has the advantage of being able to go from design to production to commercial sales all within the company. That is the reason why they can continue to release highly reliable products that meet even the smallest needs.


●Special Thanks:Jet Stream  4764-1 Nakatsu, Aikawa, Aiko, Kanagawa Prefecture TEL:046-286-4422


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