「A Bold Design Work by a Young RAYS Staff Member」A New Force Called ITARU-020【Best Wheel Digest】

Published : 2020/07/18 09:33 Modified : 2020/07/18 09:33

A stylish and sporty design


Do you go for the orthodox white? Or how about the deep bronze?


TBR (Two Brothers Racing) is a project launched by a young member of Rays who was a racer who wanted to “build any wheel that we want”. Newly released from this up and coming brand is the ITARU-020 model, a 2×7 design with excellent stress dispersion.



Compared to the previous model, ITARU-010 which had a strong and sophisticated 2×5 design, the new ITARU-020 has improved strength, rigidity and lightness. The factor that remains the same between these two wheels is the uncompromising pursuit of hard work.



By making use of Rays latest technology, they have created a lightweight sports model that is able to bring out the tires total performance by suppressing deflection, distortion and twisting. The center part is machined in a stylish and functional way that gives the wheel its lightweight identity.



The ITARU-010 was available in 15 or 17 inch sizing, but the ITARU-020 comes in 18-inch sizing. Not only is it compatible with big calipers, but it is also strictly available in 9.5J widths which targets 265 size tires. This is the bread and butter of 18-inch sports driving and can be applied to such cars as the GT-R, WRX and Z.



The orthodox white version was released first, with the deep bronze option added later. With the expanded color option, freedom to coordinate with various models was increased.



The ITARU-020 is a notable new sports wheel that has a dependable and stylish feel. Its slim spokes stand out in its large diameter design and with forged construction it can hold its own even when installed on heavier body cars.


Product Specifications 


18×9.5J(PCD114.3=+22+32+45/PCD100=+45):44000 Yen
※This is a Japanese domestic model only 


●Contact:Rays TEL:06-6787-0019

●Manufacturer:Rays Engineering


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