「The Appearance of Several Legendary Monster R’s!」The Fastest GT-R’s to Lap Tsukuba [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/07/22 00:55 Modified : 2020/07/22 00:55

【Special Edition】The Tsukuba super lap battle featuring successive GT-R models



The “Tsukuba Super Lap” was a challenge one-lap battle between tuning shop demo cars that heated up in the early 2000’s. The legendary tuned GT-R’s of that era that ran at the forefront of this series are featured here in this video.



Super Lap had no shortage of monster tuned GT-R’s but the Garage Saurus BNR32 was a definite standout. This car which also clocked a record of 8 seconds in 0-400m was praised by racing driver Manabu Orido. You’ve got to see this unbelievable GT-R and a few more super-tuned beasts in action on the circuit!