「A Supra That Can Handle Both the Highway and the Circuit With Ease!」A JZA80 With an Aura of its Heyday

Published : 2020/07/24 21:15 Modified : 2020/07/24 21:15

It can reach over 320km/h with a max output of 700 horsepower!


This JZA80 Supra’s main battlefield is Fuji Speedway


Here we take a look at this JZA80 produced by tuning specialists Admix at the owners request to attack his home course Fuji Speedway with intensity.



A point of interest is the wide power band that extends from 4000 to 8000rpm and has wide output characteristics with rising power no matter when you smash the accelerator.



The fully overhauled 2JZ that powers the car is equipped with a 87φ forged pistons and reinforced connecting rod. An HKS high cam (IN and EX 272 degree with 9.3mm lift) was installed and the inner shim valve lifter and retainer come from an RB26DETT.


The turbo is a T88-33D with 1.5kg of boost squeezing out 700ps. Before when a T78 turbo was equipped, a large capacity surge tank and throttle were installed because the throttle could not be opened and closed effectively due to negative pressure while pressing and letting off the accelerator.



The suspension is based on an HKS Hyper Max Pro coilover kit (F24kg/mm R20kg/mm). 6 pot front and 4 pot rear brakes were installed to increase stopping power. Wheels are Volk Racing TE37 (F9.5J R10.5J) and tires are Potenza RE-71 R (F265/35-18 R295/35-18).



The interior is equipped with a roll cage and additional gauges, finished in circuit spec style. The genuine factory tachometer was too slow to react so a Defi 10000rpm tach was installed in its place. Audio and other driver comforts were removed to save weight.



In the trunk there is a strange looking lid cover. “The fuel tank is a reduced capacity unit and the interior smelled strongly of gasoline which the owner wasn’t happy with”. To solve this issue, Admix installed two GT-R fuel pumps in the tank. A bowl shaped lid was welded on upside down. “This little trick allowed us space for the in-tank pump” says Mr. Motojima of Admix.



Front and rear fenders were molded from sheet metal, making the car wider. The 1810mm wide GT wing is a Sard Fuji Spec M. The bumper is Bomex.



This JZA80 built to attack an international circuit continues to back its owners driving skill making use of its large displacement turbo. Not only is the fact that it can exceed 320km/h surprising, the owner tells us that this is just the start of this car’s tuning plans. (Excerpt from the December 2014 issue of OPTION2 Magazine)


●Special Thanks:Admix 403 Kamioyashiki, Kawajima, Hiki, Saitama Prefecture TEL:049-299-1771


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