「A Super Rare FD3S Concept Model!」A Museum in American Features Japanese Modified Car Culture! Part 2

Published : 2020/07/27 23:35 Modified : 2020/07/27 23:35

Petersen Automotive Museum Report Part 2


A wide range of vehicles from classic sports to TV and movie cars


A special exhibition featuring Japanese cars was held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


There were a number of valuable cars on display, including early Japanese cars imported into America. On the other hand, Japanese custom culture such as tuning and drifting was also featured. The relationship between Japan and United States through car culture and the automotive industry was also examined.



●1966 Nissan Silvia



The first generation Silvia which is extremely valuable in Japan was exhibited as part of an American collectors private inventory. The design is timeless and even more rare to see in America than it is in Japan.



●1967 Toyota 2000GT Roadster



The extremely rare 2000GT Roadster appeared as a Bond car in the 007 film “You Only Live Twice”. It was driven by actress Eiko Wakabayashi who played agent Aki in the movie.



●1969 Nissan R382



The R382 was developed for the North American Can-Am Series had a one-two finish at the 1969 Japanese Grand Prix was also on display. This car appeared on loan from the Nissan Heritage Collection in Japan.



●1989 Batmobile



The Batmobile that appeared in the 1989 Batman film directed by Tim Burton was also housed in the museum. This is one of five cars built for promotional purposes. The base is actually a 1967 Chevrolet Impala with a 5.4L V8. Rolls Royce jet engine parts were used for the turbine blades at the front of the vehicle.



●1993 RX-7 Concept



The FD3S RX-7 which is still now very popular is a model based on an original concept by an American designer. At that time, Mazda held an in-house competition for the third generation RX-7 design and took entries from their design centers in Hiroshima, Yokohama and Irvine, California. The design that was finally adopted was based on the design of Mr. Wu-Huang Chin who was a member of the American design center at that time. The car on display at the Petersen is an original concept model based on the original plan in 1993, produced with a fiberglass body.



●2001 Honda S2000



The famous pink S2000 driven by Suki in the movie “2 Fast 2 Furious” (known in Japan by the title “Wild Speed X2”) was also on display. The car is equipped with a Comptech supercharger and has a max output of 340ps. A scene in the film shows the car jumping a drawbridge thereby destroying its front end, but this is one of the models which managed to survive intact.