「 Some Sections of Japan’s Highways Raise Speed Limit to 120km」Even If Caught Going 159km/h It Will Be Only A Minor Offense

Published : 2020/07/28 23:59 Modified : 2020/07/29 00:00

No change implemented in speed camera settings?!


If the maximum speed is raised to 120km/h, the standard for serious speed offenses will also increase.


The Japan National Police Agency announced on July 22nd that the speed limit on some traffic-free sections of highway such as the Shin-Tomei Expressway would be raised to 120km/h. It is the first time that expressway speed limits are increased because the number of speed related accidents did not increase for a trial performed in 2017.


Sections to be increased include the Shin-Tomei in Shizuoka (Gotemba JCT – Hamamatsu Inasa JCT), Tohoku Expressway in Iwate (Hanamaki Minami IC – Morioka Minami IC), Joban Expressway (Kashiwa IC – Mito IC), Tohoku Expressway (Urawa IC – Sano Smart IC) and Higashi Kanto Expressway in Chiba (Chiba Kita IC – Narita JCT).



The Shin-Tomei speed limit will be raised within this fiscal year, but this will also change the color and fines charged from speeding tickets.



The border between a blue (less serious) and red (more serious) ticket is 40km/h over the speed limit. In other words, in the sections where the speeds are increased to 120km/h, blue tickets are given for speeds up to 159km/h and red tickets for over 160km/h.



One point to note is that speed camera settings may not yet be updated in these sections. In the case of these locations, the 30km over the legal speed limit is within the safe range. Over that, you may see a flash and recieve a citation.


At the points where the speed limit returns to 100km/h from 120km/h, it is expected that unmarked police cars will heavily patrol and target these areas.


Although raising the limit to 120km/h will make it harder to get a red ticket in these sections, it is important to keep in mind that depending on the location you’ll need to be aware of your speed even more than before.