「Old Cars Can Get Sideways Too」A Bad Boy 600HP Drift Z20 Soarer

Published : 2020/07/30 23:58 Modified : 2020/08/01 09:04

The engine is a durable 600 horsepower 1.5J


Its lowdown fitted form looks excellent too!


This car is the 20-series Soarer that was Toyota’s flagship coupe model. Tuned by Gunma prefecture’s “N-Style Custom”, the result was a car that achieves both street style and drift performance.



The engine combines a 2JZ with a 1JZ head, in a spec that is commonly known as a “1.5J”. Tomei Powered forged pistons were also installed. Full boost from before 4000rpm and 600ps (max boost 1.5kg) result in dynamic acceleration.



The turbo is an HKS TO4R and engine control is performed by D-jetronic with an F-CON V PRO. The engine bay with smoothing and wire tuck work was painted in bright red.



The cooling system is strengthened by introducing TRUST’s two-layer intercooler and 24-stage oil cooler. However, in the heat of summer, the realistic limit for hard drift driving is 5 laps.



Aragosta coilovers with Swift springs, 20kg/mm at the front and 11kg/mm at the rear are installed. The steering angle has been greatly increased by introducing short knuckles and one-off original extended lower arms.



The owner requested that the car be extremely low and wide, which were two points that N-Style delivered on. Front and rear fenders were widened with metal work, adding about 40mm on each side. The wheels are Volk Racing TE37SL in 9.5J x 17 sizing at the front and 11J x 18 at the rear.


Also, if the vehicle height is lowered this much, members will come too close to the road surface, so their mounting positions were raised to the limit while reinforcing the members themselves. The differential is a TRD mechanical 2-way with a 4.3 final gear.



The interior’s digital dash give the impression of a luxury car, but a roll cage and Recaro sport buckets show its true use as a drift machine. All driver comforts including audio and air conditioning were retained. The transmission is a JZA70 5-speed (R154).



One of the points of interest on the exterior are the one-off original LED taillights. Elsewhere, the car is so clean and well executed that its easy to ignore that it is a 1991 model that is used heavily for drifting.



The body color is a unique blend by N-Style, further enhancing its bad boy looks. For the current generation of drifters who might not be familiar with the 20-series Soarer, this car will definitely come as a big surprise. (Excerpt from the September 2012 issue of OPTION2 Magazine)


●Special Thanks:N-STYLE CUSTOM 群馬県邑楽郡板倉町大荷場443 Oninba, Ora, Itakura, Gunma Prefecture TEL:0276-78-2305


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