「Made in the Mood of Masahiro Hasemi?!」This P10 Primera Attacks the Circuit with a Nostalgic JTCC Feel

Published : 2020/07/30 23:36 Modified : 2020/07/30 23:36

A fascinating homage to the JTCC series cars


A Primera with increased circuit power thanks to a SR20VE swap!


The P10 Primera is still a very popular model thanks to its success in JTCC (All Japan Touring Car Championship). This car is a race going replica of a Castrol specification car which was split in popularity with Calsonic among other such JTCC models.



An SR20VE which came out of one later generation model, the P11 Primera, was swapped in. An S14 turbo is set at low compression and 300ps is demonstrated at a max boost pressure of 1.2kg. The cam switching point is set at 4500rpm. A Nismo 550cc injector was also installed.



The actual JTCC specification was NA, but this car is a turbo so a front intercooler is placed at the opening of the front bumper.



Largus coilovers and Cusco arms improve stability. Wheels are 15-inch A-TEC monoblock and tires are Advan Neova in 195/50 sizing.



As this is a faithful race replica, most driver comforts have been removed. A 7-point roll cage fills the interior. Although still equipped with its air conditioner, the vehicle weight is reduced to about 1100kg.



The most important feature of the exterior is that the father and daughter owner teamed to repaint the whole vehicle and cut decals to produce the authentic looking race livery DIY. The attention to detail can really be seen in this family effort.