「Who Said The R33 Wasn’t Popular?」The BCNR33 Gets Better With a Little Tuning Work

Published : 2020/07/31 09:42 Modified : 2020/07/31 09:42

Increased displacement by way of a 2.6L + GTIII-RS twin turbo


You can squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of the BCNR33 with a little tuning.


The BCNR33 which sits in the middle of the 2nd generation of GT-R’s was a carry over model from the BNR32 although the engine was changed in detail. The chassis was one part that was significantly improved.


It is sometimes said that the long wheel base of this car classifies it as “un-sports like” but the instinct inside is still undeniably a Nissan “R” car.



In order to bring out maximum appeal in this BCNR33, parts from Tochigi Prefecture tuning shop Reverse were tuned effectively. Reverse is a shop that specializes in cars which perform at speed on mountain passes, regardless of the stage of tuning.



Currently the engine is factory stock. Eventually it will become a 2.8L spec, so with that in mind the turbo installed is an HKS GTIII-RS. It seems that combining this turbo with the 2.8L will improve performance, but for now the introduction of a variable valve timing mechanism has helped to add increased power for street running without stress on the engine.



The ignition system was upgraded to Okada Project’s Plasma Direct. It is a part that comes highly recommended from Reverse that not only helps prevent misfiring at high revs, but also can improve low speed torque. The fuel system is equipped with a Sard 860cc injector and large capacity fuel pump. The intake was then tuned in a manner to balance this, including the installation of a Nismo large-capacity surge tank.



An original oil catch tank was installed. The RB26 has a lot of blow-by gas, so it makes sense to install it for spirited street driving as well as circuit applications. A large capacity oil cooler is also equipped.



An F-CON V Pro performs engine management and in version 4.0 it has the ability to control V Cam individually. It has an air-flow-less D-jetronic control and shows smooth operation regardless of the situation.



Zeal coilovers (F14kg/mm R12kg/mm) were installed and ride height was lowered for stability. Although the spring rate is set slightly high for street use, bumps taken at speed are softened and maximum grip from the road surface is obtained.



Wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing CE28N in 10.5J sizing. Tires are 295/30 Potenza RE-71R. The brakes that can be seen through the spokes are big caliper Endless (F6-pot R4-pot) with 2 piece rotors.



Driver Mr. Iida gave us his impression after a shakedown on a winding road and said, “As a Skyline the R33 is a rather unpopular model but it actually has higher rigidity than the R32. Because of the long wheel base, it has milder behavior than the R34. It feels more comfortable to the user in this way. At the current setting, there is some turbo lag because the turbo is quite large, but increaseing displacement will solve this easily. The brakes are extremely effective and this car has no problems attacking mountain passes. Its a fun car to drive.”



The transmission and differential are also both still factory stock, but by using sports oil produced specially for GT-R models, it is possible to prevent troubles and improve feeling.


Since the BCNR33 has had troubles due to deterioration over time, precise tuning with a focus on maintenance is important. The tuning work done by Reverse is a good example of this practice.


●Special Thanks:Reverse  126-2 Nagata, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture TEL:0285-82-4870


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