「A Modernized Kenmeri Appears」A Star Road Take on Neo-Classic

Published : 2020/08/02 21:38 Modified : 2020/08/02 21:38

Modern comforts and technology meet with a classic atmosphere


The engine is a high response 3.0L modified L28 with Solex carburator


Neo-old car specialist shop “Star Road” has a concept of giving modern touches and comforts to old cars without spoiling their unique vintage atmosphere. This time they put work into this C110 Skyline Kenmeri.



“The Fairlady Z has a bit of flexibility in tasteful tuning, but in my opinion the Skyline looks best in orthodox style,” says Mr. Inoue of Star Road. He has finished this Kenmeri in standard GT-R specification.



The engine is a 3.0L modified L28 that incorporates 89mm forged pistons, and I-section connecting rod and other light tuning work. The combustion chamber and ports are processed and a Solex 44PHH carburetor gives high response sharply all the way to the top end.


The car is equipped with an original 48φ full length header and dual exhaust. An original 3-layer radiator ensures sufficient cooling. A Black alternator strengthens the power generation system.



The suspension is an original setup based on fully adjustable coilovers. Star Road’s own original Glow Star wheels in 9J -28 at the front and 10J -53 (Gold Disc) are installed to striking visual impact.


Tires are Proxes T1R in 195/55R15 sizing at the front and 225/50R15 at the rear. Brakes were upgraded with factory R32 Type M calipers.



The interior is in pristine condition and has a fresh feeling, though it retains the feeling of back in the day. It has been equipped with an R134a cooler kit, so you can enjoy drives even on hot summer days.


Datsun full bucket seats and Datsun steering wheel keep the old school feeling. Although the transmission is genuine factory, the clutch has been upgraded to an ORC single and a Nismo LSD was installed.



A half hearted tuning job will undoubtedly destroy the unique style of the Kenmeri so attention to detail is important. A simple and tasteful approach goes a long way here.



The styling and atmosphere are just as they were in the old days, but ride quality and comfort have been improved drastically. This is the latest custom that follows Star Road’s tuning philosophy.


●Special Thanks:Star Road 8-23-1 Kita-Koiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo TEL:03-5668-5675


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