「The Beauty of These Wheels is on Another Level!」GT-R Tuner Develops Original Forged 3-Piece Wheels 【Best Wheel Digest】

Published : 2020/08/04 22:40 Modified : 2020/08/04 22:40

Widths available up to 16J! Bolt patterns from 100-120


Forged wheels in a wide variety of color and trim options


“Garage Active” in Fukuoka prefecture continues to make rapid progress as a professional GT-R tuning shop. They have now announced the arrival of their original RC-VI wheels (pricing from 152,000yen to 206,000yen).



Following the trend of deep concave wheels in modified car culture, a new 6-spoke design was born. The result is an understated yet innovative three piece design.


Buffed annodized trim with brushed disc finishing

Brushed black annodized disc with black annodized trim


Though designed for the GT-R, this wheel is available in a range of PCD options from 100-120 for application on other vehicles. Super aggressive sizing is also available, with widths in 18-inch from 10J to 16J.



A variety of color and rim options are also available. The specifics are shown in this table. You can choose from 12 disc color types and 6 rim types for a wide variety of combinations. You can also select the cutting finish of the disc if desired.



Currently 18 inch diameters are available, but plans for 19 inch step and reverse rims, as well as 20 inch step rims are planned to be developed. Both those diameters will also be available up to 16J.



Mr. Sakamoto of Active told us, “We just made the wheel we wanted to make”. This is a new design produced by a GT-R pro shop and aimed at GT-R owners but will have a variety of applications for many different vehicles.


●Contact:Garage Active 1407-1 Imai, Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:0930-25-4488


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