「Taking the Only One to Number One」Rays Wheel Design Supported by Various Patented Technologies

Published : 2020/08/13 22:46 Modified : 2020/08/13 22:46

Rays mission to pursue quality and value without compromise


Many new ideas and technolgy merge in an expression of top performance street wheels!


Rays deliver a full range of sports wheels related to “Concept is Racing” from Japan to the world. In order to meet the needs of the ever expanding market, they have held overseas exhibitions once a year beginning in Hong Kong in 2017, then in Shenzhen and Singapore. Due to the situation this year however, the exhibition was held August 10th at Fuji Speedway and broadcast live worldwide by video streaming.


During the press conference, Rays announced developments in unique surface treatment technology including AMT (Advanced Machining Technology) and “Hybrid Machining” which were shown prior to the 2020 Rays World Tour. Here we look at some of these developments.



A.M.T.(Patent Number:P6153437)



AMT is a method first implemented on Volk Racing TE37SL 2012 Limited but is now used on a variety of wheels in Rays lineup. Machining performed after painting is a very difficult process but through stable and precise machining and uniform coating methods, Rays developed their own system for production.


AMT enhances the texture and three-dimensional appearance of the wheel by cutting precisely into the aluminum to create accents using lettering, logos and decorative designs.



“Brand names and product names are usually made by engraving or CNC cutting like this but after painting it is difficult to perform it cleanly. Stickers have similar expressive power but their weak point is fading or peeling. Many years of trial and error have resulted in innovations and improvements in the cutting process” says Mr. Kazunori Ito, General Manager of Rays Engineering Design Development Department.



REDOT(Patent Number:P6417131)



AMT is not the only Rays specific technology. Until now, jigs and masking have been required to affix accent colors and there had been concerns in quality due to misalightments in masking. REDOT was developed using a specialized machine that sprays dots of paint like an inkjet. It allows applications of accent color with extreme precision.



Double Color + Engraving (Patented:P2017-124777A)



Using a combination of AMT and REDOT, three dimensional sculpting and a variety of other methods are possible. Depending on programming, accents and other details are possible. Needless to say, we are looking forward to see how these methods can be utilized in the future.



Hybrid Machining (Patent Number:P6708905)



Another techinque called “Hybrid Machining” uses different processing patterns that seamlessly unites top surfaces and vertical walls for a sleek finish.


The remarkable surface treatment technology works with precision to control production costs and quality using dedicated blades and machinery. The process also performs distortion detection and correction with specially developed sensors in the machine.



e-PRO COAT(Patent Number:P6208821)



『e-PRO COAT』is a high-speed, high-quality, finely painted coating that strengthens cut details as opposed to conventional coating methods applied separately by masking. This is an advanced technique that is unique to Rays which boasts high-level finishing.



What often gets overlooked here with such breakthroughs in technology is the ability to suppress costs and achieve stable production quality.


No matter how good technology can be built, if quality varies then it will be expensive to produce and difficult for customers to use. Therefore, Rays has been constantly optimizing production systems to push quality control.



In the case of AMT, the machining process is applied to the wheel after the painting process. Because Rays have evolved their methods for in-house mass productivity through using the latest technology they have streamlined their entire production.



“Our main market is the aftermarket street performance wheel. Taking the well known TE37 as an example, performance aspects such as lightness and rigidity are invisible but integral part of the design.” says Rays president Mr. Mine.


“Aside from racing wheels that pursue the utmost limit of performance, appearances are also important. When this comes into play, branding becomes an essential decoration element. AMT which was introduced in place of stickering was able to enhance the texture in three dimensions. This patented technology is an important part of our ‘Made in Japan’ concept.”



Mr. Teruyuki Kato, Rays Executive Officer and General Manager of the First Product Planning Department says “Innovation is a must in this field. AMT and Hybrid Machining were able to be created as a result of efforts for continuous innovation. We also needed to be cautious to take measures against manufactuers who try to imitate us and set the real apart from imiation. Those who try to infringe on our patents should know that we will continue to advance forward with new technology”.



Rays with their “Concept is Racing” and “Made in Japan” pride have the passion that make them unstoppable in their field.


Rays World Tour 2020 delivers their most recent products and technologies through live streaming so be sure to check out their latest work.


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